Seely House (Rio Grande Company House), part 4 [Works_Town of Cisco]

seelyhouse_model_05.jpg: oveall view of the House

I’m trying to duplicate the whole town of Cisco, Utah in N scale. Here, I represent the making of Seely House.

I first spray painted the wall with GSI Creos B525 Mr. Oxide Red Surfacer, then added layers of Tamiya TS-33 Dull Red and mixture of White, Unbleached Titanium, and Raw Umber Liquitex acrylic paints on it. Waited till they dry, I carefully sanded the layers of paint to represent the brick and mortar.

Roof went through the similar process: layers of Tamiya Surface primer(L), Tamiya TS-6 Matt Black, and a mixture of White and Ivory Black Liquitex acrylic paints sanded to represent the shingles. Light wash/weathering is added to roof and chimneys.

seelyhouse_model_03.jpg: sanded wall
seelyhouse_model_04.jpg: sanded roof

Eaves, windows, and doors are spray painted with white colored surfacer. As the house was left vacant since the late ’50s, the window glasses must have been clouded in the early ’70s. But I left them clean in my model. The results are shown below.

seelyhouse_model_06.jpg: Northwest corner
seelyhouse_model_07.jpg: North elevation facing the track
seelyhouse_model_08.jpg: East elevation

ユタ州を走るD&RGWの沿線にある/あった、Ciscoという町を紹介している。今回紹介する建物はUS Highway 50 & 6とRio Grandeの線路の間に建っていた「Seely House」である。




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