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UTAH Caboose #55 [UTAH Photo Archives]

utah_55_01.jpg: Helper, UT Sep. 10, 2014

This UP CA-1 style caboose is found at Western Mining and Railroad Museum at Helper, Utah. This car is Utah Railway (reporting mark UTAH) caboose #55.

UTAH #55 was built in 1918 by Mt. Vernon Car Manufacturing Co. for UTAH. It was later steel sheathed by the railway. It now has Commonwealth trucks, but some vintage photos show it with Bettendorf trucks[1].

[1] 1967 photo of UTAH #55 with Bettendorf trucks found at Fallen Flag site;

utah_55_02.jpg: Helper, UT Sep. 10, 2014

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UTAH SD50S #6062 and 6061 [UTAH Photo Archives]

utah_6062.jpg: Martin, UT Sep. 10, 2014

These locomotives are found at Utah Railway (reporting mark, UTAH) Martin Locomotive Maintenance Shop. Martin is located at just north of Helper, Utah. These are UTAH SD50S’ #6061 and 6062.

UTAH SD50S’ #6061 and 6062 were built in 1982 from EMD kits by Clyde Engineering of Australia for Hammersly Iron. They came to Utah in 2001. Cab roof heat shield, cab window awnings and handrails show some differences from the pure EMDs.

* 1991 photo of Hammersly Iron #6061 found on web;
* 2006 photo of UTAH #6061 found at RR Picture Archives site;
* 2007 photo of UTAH #6062 found at RR Picture Archives site;

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UTAH Facilities at Martin [UTAH Photo Archives]

utah_martin_01.jpg: MK50-3 #5003 in the shop

The vintage shop of Utah Railway at Martin housed MK50-3s in a silent manner, when we visited. Yard was full of not hoppers but tank cars and rails were rusted including the main. It seemed the railroad is subsisting by switching at Salt Lake City these days.

All photos taken on Sep. 10, 2014

utah_martin_02.jpg: locomotive maintenance shop
utah_martin_03.jpg: water tank
utah_martin_04.jpg: yard, looking south

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