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NDM G12 [NDM Photo Archives]

ndm_01.jpg: Puebla, Mexico. Dec. 25, 1970

This mixed train was caught in Mexico, Puebla suburb.
At the headend is a NDM G12 #5800-5889 series diesel locomotive built by EMD.

G12 series locomotive was built exclusively for export, between 1955 and 1964, with 1310hp prime mover. there were B-B, A1A-A1A and C-C versions. Total of 1036 units were exported to all over the world.

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NDM Guanajuato Station [NDM Photo Archives]

guanajuato_2.jpg: Guanajuato, Mexico Sep. 22, 2002

This is the NDM Guanajuato Depot sitting at the end of abandoned Guanajuato branch.
By then, the property of the terminal was occupied by market and circus tent.

Guanajuato had a through passenger service to and from Mexico City: No. 281 arrived at 8:05AM and No. 284 departed at 8:33AM, according to 1966 Official Guide.

This photo at the top was first appeared in my column mentioning fail safe design.

guanajuato_3.jpg: Guanajuato, Mexico Sep. 22, 2002

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NDM G-023 #67 [NDM Photo Archives]

ndm_67_2.jpg: Mexico City DF, Mexico Sep. 14, 2002

At Mexico City DF, found this 3' gauge steam locomotive on display.
This is NDM G-023 class Consolidation #67.

The locomotive was built in 1899 by ALCO and retired in 1967. She had been on display at Plaza de La República when took this photo. She seems moved to Museo de los Ferrocarrileros in 2011.

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