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BN GP7 #1545, ex-GN#645 and ex-GN caboose [GN Photo Archives]

gn_01.jpg: Sweetgrass, MT, Summer, 1971

On route 91 in MT, met this BN train on a branch line: ex-GN Sweet Grass Branch diverts from Shelby to the Canada border. Ben Ringnalda of the "GN Empire" web site taught that the car on the rear is not a combine but a caboose.

In the photo is BN GP7 #1545, ex-GN#645 still in "Empire Builder" scheme, and BN caboose #11273 or 11478, ex-GN X183 or X187. GN #645 was built in 1951 and retired in 1983.

We can find the photo of this series of caboose in the book MSCG(Morning Sun Color Guide). More informations are here.

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Amtrak, ex-GN Havre Station [GN Photo Archives]

np_02.jpg: Havre MT, summer, 1971

Our family stayed a night at Havre, MT. We visited the engine yard and the station early in the evening.

From here, GN's "EMPIRE BUILDER" should have taken me up to the Pacific. Only the model-like lights enliven the platform. According to the pictures in "USA RAIL GUIDE" web site, the lights are gone and the building has only 2 stories.

According to the "GREAT NORTHERN EMPIRE" web site, the S-2 steam locomotive #2584 next to the station is still existing in peace.

"USA RAIL GUIDE" web site;

大きな地図で見る: street view of the station from Main St.

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BN SDP40 #9851, ex-GN#321 [GN Photo Archives]

gn_sdp40_2.jpg: Havre MT, summer, 1971

Found at the engine yard at Havre is this BN #9851, ex-GN #321 still in "Big Sky Blue" scheme; one of the 6 SDP40's GN owned.

GN #321 was built in 1966 and became BN #9851 in 1970. She was renumbered to BN #6395 in 1974, but wrecked at Helena, MT in 1988. She was sold to MRL in the same year as SDP40R #290.

photo of GN #321 in Empire scheme found at Fallenflag site;
photo of BN #6395 in Cascade Green scheme at RR Picture Archives site;
photo of MRL #290 found at RR Picture Archives site;

EMD SDP40 was built between 1966 and 1970 with 3000hp prime mover. 6 GN units and 14 FDM units were the only SDP40's sold.

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BN NW2 #499, ex-GN #162 [GN Photo Archives]

gn_499.jpg: Havre, MT summer, 1971

Found at the engine yard at Havre was this BN#499, ex-GN#162 still in "Empire Builder" scheme. #162 was one of 51 EMD NW2 owned by GN, delivered in 1949 as the last NW2 GN purchased. BN#499 was retired in 1980.

photo of GN #162 found at Don Loss Group web site;

EMD NW2 was built between 1939 and 1949 with 1000hp prime mover. 1119 units were sold in United States.

This photo was first appeared in my column mentioning the patching.

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GN S-2 #2584 [GN Photo Archives]

gn_s2_2.jpg: Havre, MT summer, 1971

Next to the ex-GN Havre Passenger Station, sits this steam locomotive.
This is GN S-2 class Northern #2584. The locomotive was built in 1930 by Baldwin and retired in 1957. She sits here since 1964.

This photo was first appeared in my column mentioning Vanderbilt tenders.

gn_s2.jpg: Havre, MT summer, 1971

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