Flying, 01 - The 1939 "Flying" Logo [Column_Letters & Figures]

logo_01.jpg: the "flying" logo

The logo design of Rio Grande is one of the elements that brought me devoted to Rio Grande.

We can read the details of this logo design in volume 2, number 1 of THE PROSPECTOR. Herbert S. Edwards writes in his article "D&RGW Heralds and Slogans" that this logo was developed through the competition held in 1939.

The italic type font with the extended serif of "R", "G" and "d" creates the image of motion directed toward the right. This image works right if the logo is applied on the engineer's side of the locomotive tender. By then, what would you do with the fireman's side? We can find trucks and vans on highways lettered inside out. But Rio Grande created the leaning to the left "fireman's side version". I'm pleased with the delicacy of Rio Grande.

The logo above is not the original. After tracing the original logo, I made it a little slim to prepare against the blotting of decal paper.
revised, Jun. 11, 2018

筆者がRio Grandeを趣味の対象とする理由のひとつに、そのロゴのデザインがある。

上に示したRio Grandeのこのロゴは1939年に社内で行われたコンペにおいて採用されたものである(Edwards, H、"D&RGW Heralds and Slogans"、THE PROSPECTOR、volume 2, number 1、2003)。セリフ(ヒゲ)を延ばした斜体によるロゴは、画面右向きへの動きを見る者に与える。したがって、このロゴが機関車の公式側側面に示される場合、機関車の向きとロゴが与える動きの向きは合致する。では、非公式側はどうしたか。Rio Grandeは、わざわざ逆向きバージョンをつくった。


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